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Many people have opted over the years to buy a vacation home in resort areas they usually frequent, such as Breckenridge, Colorado. Some of the reasons cited is to ensure that they have a place to stay and not worry about booking shortages, having a greater measure of privacy, and the ability to generate revenue when they're not using the vacation home by renting it out. A lot of factors go into deciding to purchase a second home for recreational purposes, and one of the main factors is economics. Realtors, such as Ron Shelton of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, know that many individuals have taken advantage of the historic low rates for mortgages over the last few years and pulled the trigger on buying that second home. However, it appears that

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Vacation Homes in Breckenridge, CO

At some point, almost every person dreams of having a vacation home where they can escape the drudgery of everyday life. A popular choice for a vacation home is a resort area known for natural beauty and lots of outdoor activities, such as Breckenridge, Colorado. Choosing to buy a vacation home in a resort area could be considered a no-brainer as it allows a person or family to have a permanent abode where they can stay and enjoy all the local activities for as long as they wish. In fact, roughly 16% of all homes purchased in 2015 were vacation homes. (1) While there are tangible benefits to buying that second home, experienced real estate professionals, such as Ron Shelton of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, know that there are specific things to

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One of the biggest decisions in a person's life is whether or not to buy a home. It's becoming increasingly common in today's economy for people to rent instead of buying. In fact, home ownership in the United States fell to a twenty year low back in the fourth quarter of 2014 with a rate of only 63.9%. (1) Still, the average person dreams of buying a home of their own, and many people desire to be able to purchase a second home. One area that sees a lot of vacation home interest is Breckenridge, Colorado. The quaint resort town of 4,500 residents swells dramatically in population during the tourist seasons. (2) Experienced real estate professionals, such as Ron Shelton of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, know that having and following a proper

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Colorado is known as one of the most beautiful states in the country. It's rugged and majestic outdoors have lured tourists to luxury resort towns for decades, causing the population of these areas to expand considerably during the tourist seasons. The town of Breckenridge, Colorado, swells from a population of 4,500 residents to a daily throng of 39,000 when tourists swarm into the area. (1) People flock to Colorado for both summer and winter outdoor activities, which means a huge upswing in vehicle traffic. Local residents, such as Realtor Ron Shelton of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, know that driving can be tricky within the state as one has to contend with mountain driving as well as summer and winter conditions. Yet there are some helpful

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Gift Money To Buy A Home is Smart!

One of the biggest financial decisions that a person makes during their lifetime is the choice to buy a home. In most cases, buying a home is far less expensive than renting if one expects to remain in a chosen community for a long period of time. A lot of factors are considered if or when to make the switch from renting to buying a home, such as the job market or quality of life. Then there are times when a person just falls in love with a community and decides to set down permanent roots. Such was the case with Realtor Ron Shelton of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, who fell in love with the town of Breckenridge, Colorado, after spending summers there while growing up. The decision to buy a home may be the right one to make, but it usually isn't

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Selling Your Home? Read This!

During the course of one's life, a lot of major decisions have to be made. One of the most important decisions is making the choice to sell one's home. There are a number of reasons why an individual chooses to sell their property: a change in job, the family getting larger, needing to downsize, or being unable to maintain the property adequately. This entire process of selling one's property can be incredibly stressful, and there are some important items that one should know before moving to actively sell their property. Any experienced real estate agent, such as Ron Shelton of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, can help their clients avoid common pitfalls that can occur when selling one's property.

The first item to know before a person sells

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If you are considering purchasing a new home, whether to upgrade or for relocation, here are four thoughts to mull over when starting the home buying process. 

1. Budget

This is basically a no-brainer, but the key here is not to let your heart rule your head by getting the best of you and your budget. 

Prior to your search, determine your budget ahead of time and evaluate what you can and cannot afford. You can do this by following the housing expense ratio. This ratio that most mortgage lenders assume buyers will have is typically 28% or less. This ratio compares your gross monthly income (total amount prior to insurance, taxes, etc.) to the estimated mortgage expenses (principal payment, insurance, etc.)

By examining the housing expense

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Low Mortgage Rates | Now Is The Time To Buy

The prospective homeowner finds themselves facing a lot of decisions when deciding to look for and purchase a new home. Some considerations include location, available services, quality of nearby schools, local traffic, proximity to work, and the overall price. In the case of individuals looking to move to the area surrounding Breckenridge, Colorado, most of those considerations have already been dealt with. Established in 1859, this picturesque town is known for its world class resorts and natural beauty. (1) A lot of people who came to Breckenridge for a vacation found themselves deciding to stay by putting down some permanent roots, as was precisely the case with Realtor Ron Shelton of Breckenridge Associates Real Estate. While living in-town has

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Ski Country Homes Cleaning 101

Bring Back the Sparkle to Your Oven and Microwave

Crusties, explosions, and spillovers are more than not the focal point of either your oven, microwave, or both. Combat these eyesores this spring to add some sparkle back to your appliances.

DIY Solution to Loosen Microwave Debris

Here is one easy natural DIY solution for loosening microwave debris.

  •       1 cup warm water
  •       3 tbsp white vinegar
  •       10-12 drops lemon essential oil or fresh lemon juice
  •       Bowl

Grab a glass bowl and mix together a cup of warm water, white vinegar, and some lemon essential oil or fresh lemon juice. Place the dish inside the microwave and set your timer for approximately 5 minutes, long enough to get a nice boil going. You’ll see steam

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Spring Cleaning Your Condo in Breckenridge

2 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

Spring is in the air along with its freshness and newness. For some, this is also time for spring cleaning. This once-a-year deep cleaning task can seem like a “to-do list overload”, but all you need to do is start with one room at a time. Out of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is the central hub that needs some kind of attention each day. So let’s take a look at some easy spring cleaning tips for your kitchen.

Refrigerator Raid

Start by tackling the refrigerator. Have the trashcan handy, and remove all food items. Now take out shelves, and drawers and allow them to soak in a mixture of water and dishwashing soap in your sink or bathtub. Next, begin to check the date on all jars and

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